More than ever before individuals need a market specialist to help them through the maze of traps waiting for those unaware of today's insurance plans. Understanding pre-existing clauses, underwriting declines and policy forms can be minimized by a Health Specialist.

State HIPAA laws have made preexisting condition clauses acceptable for those with 12-month prior group coverage, but, it has pushed insurance carriers into more stringent guidelines where sometimes they will choose not to provide coverage at all for borderline health conditions.

Fortunately, Arvin and Associates, Inc. has the ability to find coverage for almost anyone, including the medically challenged individual. Our staff will provide you with a spreadsheet of the insurance carrier's price and products for your review. We will instruct you as to what prospect you have to making it through the carrier's underwriting team, and we will help you on service issues throughout the policies lifetime, all at no extra cost to you. For a quotation, click here and send us your quote request. We will get back to you within a short time (currently only for Texas and Oklahoma residents).


Individuals or small groups need not have a health plan in place in order to qualify for a good dental plan. Individuals have two different types of plans available to them; In a metropolitan area we can provide a DHMO plan that allows you to utilize network dentists with better premium costs and better benefits with no waiting periods. Costs range from $6 a month per single, $11.50 per two or $15 per family. Vision may be included for another $1 per person. There are dental plans allowing you to utilize any dentist that are set up with waiting periods for basic, major and orthodontics coverage. Typically, these plans cost $20 per single member to $50 per family. (Costs vary per territory).

Small groups of 2+ can utilize plans allowing the use of any dentist for about the similar price above. For costs in the range of the DHMO, a group of 5 employees would have to be written in order to take advantage of the group DHMO costs. For costs please send us a census of the employees requesting coverage.


We provide Worldwide Coverage for Non-U.S. Citizens, U.S. Expatriates and those traveling abroad for extended periods of time. Whether you are moving abroad, traveling frequently between countries of residence, or seeking private health care alternatives, our plans are designed to satisfy your needs. Coverage for US citizens traveling abroad can be covered up to $1,000,000 and for non-U.S. Citizens up to $250,000. Remember, a Short Term Medical plan does not cover individuals outside of the United States, or company's major medical plans do not provide much coverage while out of the states, especially HMO plans. For quotations please complete our survey and send it to us at your convenience.

For individuals in between jobs, students graduating from College, dependents falling off their parents' health plan, or individuals waiting for group coverage Short Term Medical is the answer to protecting your future assets from a catastrophic accident or illness. $2,000,000 coverage at extremely affordable rates can be purchased for a minimum of 30 days up to 1 year of coverage. Peace of Mind can be had in 5 minutes. Don't wait-coverage begins 1 day after your application postmark. (Currently Texas & Oklahoma residents only)


The decisions you make regarding managing ....impacts every aspect of your business from staff cash flow for years to come. Our business division with Roach Howard Smith and Hunter has the ability to take care of virtually any need associated with business insurance. Being one of the largest independent insurance agencies in the state of Texas, and having affiliations with our national and international organization of Assurex agencies, professionally we can provide worldwide coverage wherever it may be. Errors and Omissions (E&O), product liability, workers compensation, building and operations coverage or business auto, we can handle it for you. Just email us with your request.


Providing competitive, Providing competitive, high-quality benefits that build and strengthen employee loyalty is critical in the building of a solid company. We help employers design and implement plans for medical, life, dental, long term and short term disability, and vision. Through comprehensive, individualized market surveys we are able to provide successful insurance placements with communications material and employee meeting provided. Our solutions range from the simplified plans for 2+ groups to partially self-funded plans for larger employers. For quotation please send us a census of your employees, type of business by SIC code, location, telephone number and contact person so we may provide you with an accurate cost bid.


As a leader in providing quality products & services for homeowners, ....and rental properties, we take pride in understanding todays needs of our clients. Representing many of the top insurance carriers we have the ability to insure practically any risk, i.e. wood shingle roofs, vacant properties and credit problems.


If you are out of work because of an injury or sickness would your paycheck continue? Most group disability plans, if you have one, pays up to 67% for two years for own occupation, which means if you can flip hamburgers after that, you may have to! The risk of disability is rising! Better diagnosis and treatment of disease means that while death from disease may be prevented or postponed, chronic long-term disability may not be. And if you are a business owner dependent upon your ability to create a paycheck everyday, you better get started. Remember, the age that you start a disability plan can lock in your age if done properly. You will want to make sure that you have an "own occupation" plan if you can qualify for it. This definition basically means that if you cannot do you job, then you could receive an income. Partial disability, or Residual, should be included in your plan, with a cost of living adjustment. I know, "It Won't Happen To Me." It's funny how we insure everything that we buy, home, car, our toys, but not our income that buys all of this. You will be glad you did. For a quote complete the survey both 1st and 2nd parts and send to us (currently for Texas and Georgia residents only).


For your independence, financial and personal, protect your assets and income with a Long Term Care Policy. Receive the care you need and want and keep control over where you receive it. For those of you who have been unlucky enough to go through a long-term, or even short-term illness of a loved one, you know how bad it can be. To get into a nursing home today requires your CPA to go along with you to make sure you have enough money for them to take you. And if your family member would like to be at home in their last days, you better be prepared to fork out a lot of money for round the clock nurses and would-be nurses. I mean, like $30,000 to $60,000 in a lot of places. If Alzheimer's shows up in the family, kiss the family farm good-bye. Remember, if you will purchase a policy at your early to middle ages you will find that you will lock in a favorable rate that will cost you over the long run less money than buying it later and you would have been covered for any mishaps during that entire time -DUH! Oh, by the way, if you have a health problem, you might never get the coverage, so DON'T WAIT. There are several cost factors that are important, and don't scrimp on. Make sure that you have a sufficient daily/monthly benefit (check nursing home facilities in your area). When you can make sure a cost of living adjustment is compounded, not simple, especially if you are in your earlier years (under 65). Make sure you know how you qualify for benefits, i.e. what triggers inability to perform activities of daily living (ADL'S). These typically are bathing, continence, dressing, eating, toileting and transferring. Benefits are paid when a person cannot perform a certain amount of the ADL's. For a quotation complete the survey and send to us (Texas only).