If you are out of work because of an injury or sickness would your paycheck continue? Most group disability plans, if you have one, pays up to 67% for two years for own occupation, which means if you can flip hamburgers after that, you may have to! The risk of disability is rising! Better diagnosis and treatment of disease means that while death from disease may be prevented or postponed, chronic long-term disability may not be. And if you are a business owner dependent upon your ability to create a paycheck everyday, you better get started. Remember, the age that you start a disability plan can lock in your age if done properly. You will want to make sure that you have an "own occupation" plan if you can qualify for it. This definition basically means that if you cannot do you job, then you could receive an income. Partial disability, or Residual, should be included in your plan, with a cost of living adjustment. I know, "It Won't Happen To Me." It's funny how we insure everything that we buy, home, car, our toys, but not our income that buys all of this. You will be glad you did. For a quote complete the survey both 1st and 2nd parts and send to us (currently for Texas and Oklahoma residents only).