Individuals or small groups need not have a health plan in place in order to qualify for a good dental plan. Individuals have two different types of plans available to them; In a metropolitan area we can provide a DHMO plan that allows you to utilize network dentists with better premium costs and better benefits with no waiting periods. Costs range from $6 a month per single, $11.50 per two or $15 per family. Vision may be included for another $1 per person. There are dental plans allowing you to utilize any dentist that are set up with waiting periods for basic, major and orthodontics coverage. Typically, these plans cost $20 per single member to $50 per family. (Costs vary per territory).

Small groups of 2+ can utilize plans allowing the use of any dentist for about the similar price above. For costs in the range of the DHMO, a group of 5 employees would have to be written in order to take advantage of the group DHMO costs. For costs please send us a census of the employees requesting coverage.