Congratulations upon improving your income and flexibility by changing from your current contract or corporate position to a Contract Consultant. Now you must decide upon the benefits that are available to you in the individual marketplace.
This is where Arvin & Associates, Inc. can play a major role in helping you maximize your benefit dollars, by providing you with individual professional counseling in the areas of health, dental, life, disability and 401k rollovers. To receive a basic idea on costs press survey and answer the top half of the questionnaire for medical, add the second part for disability, or add the third part for life. A quotation will be provided for you within a brief time (note that only quotes for Texas and Oklahoma are being completed at this time).


We provide Employee Leasing and Contract Consulting Firms a competitive edge by offering the Human Resource Departments our expertise in the areas of group and individual benefits. We provide Short Term Medical plans that can be issued overnight to individuals requiring interim health coverage while on temp-to-perm assignments, or in transition. We also provide competitive market analysis for consultants considering contract positions that are not provided for. We essentially become a part of the sales team helping make contract negotiations run smoothly. Our ability to insure basically any risk allows your company the freedom of selling the contract without fear of doing a consultant a disservice. For further information about our services please e-mail or call us.